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Divides and segregation in communities can cause problems due to a lack of interaction and communication. Misunderstanding, fear of the unfamiliar and a compulsion to attribute blame for difficulties in life can lead to prejudice and stereotyping, particularly in times of social stress and uncertainty. Where there is a past history of abuse or violence between groups, separation does not allow for any healing or reconciliation and stores up problems for the future. 

iFacilitate works with you, your stakeholders and communities in ensuring

  • identification of the barriers and issues that create community conflict and divison, and the relevant stakeholders
  • agreement on productive approaches towards addressing such barriers and divisions
  • development of better working relationships and effective communication between all concerned. 


The below '1, 2, 3' approach may be sequential or combined in different ways. 

  1. We design processes to enable participants from different groups to interact and to work together. The aim is to ensure that each individual feels safe and is not taken out of their comfort zones too early in the process. The activities are enjoyable and engaging, create a sense of fun and allow for learning and exploration.
  2. We work separately with each group for a time. Creative ways are used to draw in participants and help them to overcome their fears, build self-confidence and open up new possibilities in personal and social development. The process allows issues to be aired and explored within the safety of the home group.
  3. We support divided groups in coming together and in engaging in the challenging process of bringing difficult and divisive issues to the surface. They are encouraged and enabled to look at the situation from the other’s perspective and to explore the potential for creating a new and shared community narrative. The process allows for healing and for learning from the past in order to move towards a better future for all.