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Our Approach

At iFacilitate, we believe in a participatory approach, trusting in the extraordinary potential that exists in all human beings. We recognise that our clients, their teams and their stakeholders, through their knowledge and experience, are experts in the problems or issues that they face. Our role as external consultants is to support, guide and challenge you in finding alternative and creative ways of dealing with problematical areas and creating a better future for all. Thus the process is collaborative - we select a team that brings the necessary expertise and knowledge to the context, and then we work with you in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We take a particular interest in conflict when it occurs, seeing its presence as an indicator of ‘hot’ issues that are in need of a response. In doing so, the transformative potential of conflict can be tapped into, contributing to the development of healthy, creative and affirmative relationships within communities and teams.

Our stepwise approach:

Whether it be a workshop, meeting or project, we work with you, the client, to clarify and discover a shared understanding of needs, aims and purpose.

We identify what needs to happen and who needs to involved - then establish priorities and essentials.

We take action or facilitate the process, in order to move from visions and aspirations to practical measures on the ground, adapting to challenges when they arise.

We make use of a range of tools, techniques and approaches as befits the context of the work.

We review progress and learning with you and with other parties, and provide appropriate feedback.