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Whether you wish to evaluate the effectiveness of your programme or project, get feedback from your stakeholders, or get an overview of activities in a particular field, iFacilitate can help you. We carry out action research in the fields of conflict management, community development and environment, making use of Kolb's Learning Cycle to inform our approach and making learning integral to the project process. iFacilitate draws on the latest developments in evaluation practice in determining the effectiveness and impact of project actions and interventions, providing a participatory process and ensuring that review and reflection is inbuilt from the start, rather than being a bolt-on at project completion. We provide

  • links to academic expertise and research
  • feedback infomation on events
  • evaluation information on the effectiveness of projects 
  • research and evaluation reports in a range of formats, both hardcopy and online.








Workshop feedback subsequently written up in a paper and report.