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Applying Systems Thinking toPractice in Conflict Transformation: Elizabeth of iFacilitate successfully completed her Master of Science (MSc) in Systems Thinking in Practice. The research inquiry was on the topic of ‘What helps, what hinders in applying Systems Thinking to Professional Practice in Conflict Transformation?’

Writing on Conflict and Development for the Open University : on the experience of writing online educational materials.

Bridging Theory and Practice of Creative Conflict Engagement (2015): Presentations from a conference held at Bar-Ilan Unversity, Israel in January 2015. 

Teaching Peace and Conflict in Higher Education (2012):  A paper exploring the role of Peace and Conflict Studies in Higher Education in bringing together theory and practice in conflict work. 

Module 1: Learning Conflict Management This module seeks to engage the user in learning about conflict management through a process of inquiry. It looks into the impact of history and perspective in the giving rise to, and working with present-day violent conflicts. In this first form, Northern Ireland is used as case study material.  Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated as the module  is a work-in-progress and needs addition of further components such as additional case studies and underpinning theory, learner guidance and an assessment framework.  The attached pdf file provides an overview of the module and its development. 

Building Bridges across Divides in Communities: This is an exploratory paper exploring my thinking on the relationship between conflict and violence, and how the latter may lead to ingrained divisions  and segregration in communities.  I consider the advantages and disadvantages of groups staying apart, and  processes of bridging such divides.